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United Way Worldwide Resources

  • United Way’s policy and advocacy guide has a chapter on media advocacy (getting your story told your way), sample press releases, worksheets and tips for press events – all using media relations to advance advocacy.
  • Here are some media relation tools to help you, which can easily be adapted to early grade reading. Click here to access the High School Mobilization tools 
  • Communication for the Community Impact United Way: A Planning Guide 
  • Have you used United Way’s Common Good Forecaster?  This interactive tool, created by United Way Worldwide with the Human American Development Project, forecasts how things might change if educational attainments were different in your community.  Great for an opinion leader briefing! 
  • United Way Worldwide has created a series of business communications tools to support the opinion leader outreach effort. Two are on early learning, but easily adaptable to early grade reading. The last has an early grade reading section.
    • Making The Business Case, to help United Ways and their partners make the early learning case includes a flash video, an annotated Power Point, adaptable brochure, champion action tips (i.e. what to ask them to do once they say yes?) and more. The strategic user guide, with tips for United Ways on building a foundation of business champions for the cause, might be especially useful.
    • Business Champion Toolkit, to help existing early learning champions recruit their peers (includes a 5-minute video, PowerPoint) also includes Speaker’s Bureau tips for United Ways to help deploy those champions on the civic circuit.   
    • Supporting the Education Pipeline: A Business Engagement Toolkit for Community-Based Organizations, was created by United Way Worldwide with Corporate Voices for Working Families and the Workforce Strategy Center.  It’s designed to help non-profits create sustainable partnerships with business by providing lessons on how to identify potential partners, make realistic goals and how to set up partnerships for long-term success.  The companion website is a clearinghouse of tips, tools, resources and examples of techniques others in the education and workforce fields have used to engage business.


Local United Way Resources